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Various Tips for Maintaining Heart Health

The heart is a vital organ that works nonstop. The heart plays an important role in pumping blood throughout the body to support survival. Therefore, it is appropriate for heart health to be maintained in order to avoid various diseases that can damage it. Maintaining heart health can be done with a few simple steps, such as living a healthy lifestyle and eating patterns. Maybe you have also often heard doctors recommend routine exercise, maintain ideal body weight, and not smoke. This is because some of these steps are effective methods for maintaining heart health. How to Maintain Heart Health Here are some lifestyle choices to maintain heart health: 1. Stop smoking Smokers have a much higher risk for coronary heart disease. Not only smokers themselves, people around them who inhale cigarette smoke (passive smokers) are also more at risk of developing the disease. This is because toxic substances in cigarettes can damage the heart's blood vessels, so that over time the bl
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Causes of High Leukocytes in Pregnant Women

The number of white blood cells or leukocytes can vary depending on age and body condition, including pregnancy. Pregnant women generally have high levels of leukocytes. This can be seen in the results of routine blood tests during pregnancy. Leukocytes are a part of the immune system that functions to fight infection. Therefore, increasing the number of leukocytes is often associated with an infection. But in pregnancy, the number of leukocytes can increase even though there is no infection. This is caused by various changes in the body of pregnant women. Reasons for High Leukocytes in Pregnant Women Normal leukocyte count is 5,000-10,000 cells per microliter of blood. The condition for high leukocytes (leukocytosis) is when the number of white blood cells exceeds 10,000 cells per microliter. But during pregnancy, the number of leukocytes can increase to 6,000-13,000 cells per microliter. This condition starts in the first trimester and increases gradually until the last trimest

Various Healthy Food Choices After Exercising

Not only before exercise, eating the right foods after exercise can maximize body health and burning calories you know. Come on, choose and prepare your food after exercising properly. People more often think of what foods will be consumed before exercising. When in fact the choice of food after exercise is no less important. Help the Body's Recovery Process When you exercise, muscles use glycogen reserves as fuel so that some of the protein in the muscle will also be damaged. Then the body will rebuild glycogen reserves and repair muscle protein after exercise. Eating carbohydrates and protein after exercise can help speed up this process. Consumption of the right foods is very important, especially after strenuous exercise. These foods mainly play a role in helping speed recovery and restore energy reserves. It also can help the formation of new muscle tissue and restore the balance of electrolytes and body fluids. Choosing Healthy Foods After Exercising Eating after exe